fMRI Courses Prerequisites

Prerequisites for fMRI courses:

SOMI277A Functional MRI: Methods and Analysis
There are no prerequisites for this course.

SOMI277B Functional MRI: Advanced Topics
This course builds on many of the basic concepts introduced during SOMI276A, thus prior attendance at SOMI276A or another introductory fMRI course is recommended.

We welcome UCSD students at both courses, and encourage them to register for the course (at Triton link). These are graduate level courses and are also offered as an elective option for UCSD medical students. Senior undergraduates are also accepted at the discretion of the course director.
We welcome UCSD researchers and faculty who would like to attend as well. Course credit can be obtained through UCSD Extension.
Students attending the hands-on MRI labs in SOMI276A will need to complete MRI safety training to be allowed to enter the scan rooms (MRI Safety lecture, on-line test, completed screening form).


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