Image Simulator

The purpose of this simulator is mainly educational. The program allows the user to change the MRI signal and imaging parameters and view immediately what effect this has on the MR image.

Installing imsim
Two version of the simulator are available for download:

1. Matlab Version

If you have Matlab installed, use the imsim version for Matlab.

imsim.tar contains the files you will need to run the simulator under Matlab. The simulator requires Matlab R15 (or above) and the image processing tool box.

1. Download and unpack the tar file imsim.tar
2. To start the program, type imsim at the Matlab prompt.

If you do not have this version of Matlab on your own computer, you can run it from the course server You have to have an ssh client and X11 installed on your computer. For more instructions please check the X11 How-To.

To run the simulator in the learnfmri course Linux machine:
ssh -Y <login name>

Login and passwords are emailed to registered students at the beginning of the course (email if you have not received one).

to open Matlab, at the prompt type:

at the Matlab prompt type:


2. Stand-alone Version
If you do not have Matlab R14 SP2, use the stand-alone version.

Currently the standalone version is only available for Windows.

To run the simulator you need the Matlab Component Runtime installed. To install these on your computer run MCRInstaller.exe

Next download the zip file and extract it.

The Windows executable is called imsim.exe (double click to run).


This image simulator was written by Eman Ghobrial and Rick Buxton, with help from David Dubowitz and Tom Liu. Brain images courtesy of Montréal Neurological Institute Simulated Brain Database. © 2006

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